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Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

Your low energy LED lighting solution

Your building infrastructure is the foundation of your business. To be more productive, you need to maximise the functional use of your space and increase energy efficiency, all while keeping people safe. Therefore, you need expert support to manage risk and increase operational effectiveness.

You need Eaton to help you:

Increase operational efficiencies by:

  • Reducing energy consumption and maintenance requirements to improve your bottom line
  • Lowering your total cost of ownership by up to 50%
  • Reducing your carbon footprint to improve your environmental credentials

Design and build lit environments optimised for comfort and aesthetics, leading to:

  • Improved staff wellbeing
  • Reduction in absenteeism
  • Higher productivity
  • Improved safety

Lower risk with on-time project execution and expertise due to:

  • Experienced, dedicated sales, project management and customer service teams
  • Accurate and timely information, helping you stay on-schedule and on-budget
  • Site surveys and scheme design for turnkey solution

Protect people, assets and reputation for business continuity with:

  • Emergency lighting systems to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Depth of expertise to support compliance with the codes and standards
  • A wide range of support services to ensure your lighting installation not only meets basic operational and safety requirements on day one, but will continue to do so throughout its lifetime

Download our industrial LED solutions brochure and industrial LED product catalogue below:

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