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About Us

About Cooper Lighting & Safety

Eaton Electrical Systems Ltd is a leading manufacturer of mains and emergency lighting products for the commercial and industrial buildings market. Our products are designed to the latest lighting industry standards and manufactured to the highest levels of quality.

Eaton's mains and emergency lighting product platforms are based at our site in Doncaster, UK, and forms part of Eaton's Life Safety Division. Employing over 600 people, we are able to provide a wide range of products, services and support to our customers.

We believe that ownership of lighting extends beyond the initial purchase of the products themselves. We therefore offer customers a wide range of services to ensure that their lighting installations not only meet basic operational and safety requirements on day one, but will continue to do so throughout their lifetime.

From training and support on how to select products for a specific application, through to the provision of routine on-site testing and maintenance of emergency lighting systems, you can be sure that Eaton is ready to support you, whatever your needs.

Emergency lighting schemes give rise to some very specific needs and place a significant burden on the designated ‘responsible person’ of a building. Ensuring that the scheme complies with the latest standards is a legal requirement.

Eaton are able to advise you on the latest standards and regulations, ensuring compliance of your installation.