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We believe that environmental responsibility  means behaving in a way that protects and  preserves the environment

Eaton's Cooper Lighting and Safety business believes that environmental responsibility means behaving in a way that protects and preserves the environment.

In order to demonstrate our commitment to the environment, Eaton's Cooper Lighting and Safety has established a formal environmental management system.

In addition, in 2010, all UK facilities of Cooper Industries were awarded the Carbon Trust Standard after taking action on climate change by measuring, managing and reducing our Carbon emissions by 17%. The Carbon Trust Standard recognises for real carbon reduction. Based on a rigorous, independent assessment, it certifies that organisations have measured, managed and reduced their carbon emissions across their own operations and are committed to reducing them year on year.

Our endeavours in environmental responsibility are supported by the Cooper Industries Corporate Social Responsibility report, which lays out our commitment to behave in a environmentally way.

Eaton is well placed to help other organisations meet their environmental objectives.


  • To observe all environmental laws and regulations
  • To respond effectively to environmental concerns involving Cooper facilities and products
  • To minimize and, wherever possible, to eliminate the generation of all wastes
  • To conduct operations in a manner that demonstrates respect for the environment
  • To cooperate with federal, state and local governments in developing scientifically based nvironmental standards
  • To encourage the development of environmentally sound procedures and to conduct business with the best-available technology
  • To maintain environmental monitoring programs that ensure compliance with governmental requirements and these principles
  • To provide training programs that emphasize the individual's responsibility for sound environmental decisions

In line with this global policy Cooper Lighting and Safety Ltd has an Environmental Management Policy.