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JSB was founded in 1962 as J.Smith (Brinksway) Ltd, a family run company specialising in transport lighting solutions. This niche area was soon expanded to include the newly developing market for emergency lighting. As the company grew, the product portfolio increased further to encompass fire detection systems and security equipment.

To reflect this expansion, the company changed its name to JSB Electrical in 1980 and became a public limited company in 1986. Technical innovation and an emphasis on customer service quickly established JSB as a major international supplier, winning emergency lighting contracts with major customers, such as the Hong Kong Housing Authority.

In 1989 JSB joined Emess plc, a UK based group of lighting companies. Further strong growth during the 1990's and a growing reputation for stylish designs attracted the attention of Cooper Industries Inc., who purchased JSB in 1999. At the beginning of the new millennium, the JSB brand became part of Cooper Lighting and Security, along with Crompton and Menvier.

JSB are market leaders in the fields of emergency lighting and fire detection systems. The product range now includes:

  • Self-Contained Emergency Luminaires
  • Central System Slave Luminaires
  • Exit Sign Luminaires
  • Self-Contained Emergency Lighting Conversion Kits
  • Addressable Automatic Emergency Lighting Testing Systems
  • Conventional Fire Panels and Ancillaries
  • Analogue Addressable Fire Panels and Ancillaries

Full details of Cooper Lighting products can be found in the products section.

Full details of the fire system products can be found on the Cooper Fire website