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Founded in 1975, Menvier (Electronic Engineers) was formed to provide products to the rapidly expanding emergency lighting market. Very quickly, the Menvier brand name became synonymous with quality emergency lighting solutions, attracting interest in export markets as well as the UK.

The early 1980's was a time of expansion, firstly with the start of fire alarm production in 1982 and then the acquisition of Amberlec Central Battery systems in 1984. Menvier became a public limited company in 1986 and embarked on further growth between 1988 and 1995, purchasing related businesses around Europe as well as in the UK.

Security products were added to the portfolio with the acquisition of Menvier Security and Scantronic in 1992 and 1995 respectively. The company became clear market leaders during this period, attracting the interest of Cooper Industries Inc., who purchased Menvier in1997. The JSB and Crompton brands were also acquired by Coopers in 1999, leading to the formation of Cooper Lighting and Safety.

Menvier are market leaders in the fields of emergency lighting and fire detection systems. The product range now includes:

  • Self-Contained Emergency Luminaires
  • Central System Slave Luminaires
  • Exit Sign Luminaires
  • Self-Contained Emergency Lighting Conversion Kits
  • Central Battery Systems
  • Static Inverters
  • Addressable Automatic Emergency Lighting Testing Systems
  • Conventional Fire Panels and Ancillaries
  • Analogue Addressable Fire Panels and Ancillaries

Full details of Cooper Lighting products can be found in the products section.
Full details of the fire system products can be found on the Cooper Fire website 

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