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Ask - Emergency Lighting

Ask - Are you the Responsible person for your company’s emergency lighting?

If so, is your current provider for the servicing of your emergency lighting equipment BAFE Accredited under SP203-4?

If you are the responsible person, you’ll know that any existing Fire Certificate is NO LONGER valid and a Risk Assessment must be carried out, with the report retained as proof of compliance.

How can Eaton help?

Eaton's lighting and safety business is BAFE accredited for both Fire (SP203-1) and Emergency Lighting (SP203-4) and can help you comply with the Regulatory Reform Order.

As part of your risk assessment, we will perform an inspection of your emergency lighting system.

Working from BS-5266-1:2011, we will provide you with a report either stating that the system complies with the regulations or we will identify any deficiencies to your system and advise you on the necessary remedial action to help you comply.

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