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Energy Solutions

Cutting edge solutions, tailor made to your needs

The latest figures suggest that lighting in the UK consumes around 58,000GWh annually – which is around 20% of all electricity generated*. This makes lighting one of the key areas that must be targeted in order to reduce energy consumption, and in turn carbon emissions – as the majority of UK electricity is still generated via the burning of fossil fuels.

Reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions from lighting is important, but so too are the needs of the people who live and work in our buildings. The way a building is lit can have a significant influence on the moods and emotions of employees, which in turn impact on their productivity in the workplace – as well as their safety. Our lighting solutions will never compromise on this human element; making energy savings through smart lighting design and cutting edge products, ensuring that the well-being and safety of your employees always takes centre stage.

When choosing us as your lighting partner you can rest assured that we can not only provide you with advanced and efficient products, but can support you through the whole lifecycle of a lighting solution. From our dedicated lighting design team working with you to create a lighting scheme that fits to your exact needs, through to selecting an installation partner and providing a wide range of services and maintenance solutions – Eaton’s Cooper Lighting and Safety business can support you every step of the way.

Try our energy calculator below to see how what we could save your business on energy bills.

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*Figures taken from ‘Lighting – Technology overview’, 2011. Published by Carbon Trust:

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