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Cooper beam detectors provide fire protection for Newcastle Cricket Centre

Jun 21, 2005

As part of the fire detection system installed at the recently opened Newcastle Cricket Centre, Cooper Lighting and Security has supplied reflective beam detectors to protect the large indoor nets area, which boasts five nets with a full bowling run-up.

Located at South Northumberland Cricket Club in Gosforth, the new £1 million centre of excellence has been designed to encourage youngsters into the sport and to help develop those already playing.

Cooper provided a complete fire detection for the new centre,  comprising a Menvier MF9308 eight-zone fire panel with callpoints, sounders and a variety of detectors installed throughout the building.

To protect the expansive nets area, it was decided that a series of four reflective beam detectors would offer the best solution. Ideal for use in such large open areas, beam detectors are straightforward to install and, being wall mounted, are easier to maintain than a scheme involving numerous point detectors.

The beam detectors at Newcastle Cricket Centre are linked to the Menvier fire panel, which is interlinked to an existing JSB FX2204 fire panel in the main club building nearby. If either panel goes into a fire condition, then the alarms go off in both buildings and a signal is sent to a remote monitoring centre.

As well as producing complete fire detection systems, Cooper Lighting and Security is also a leading manufacturer of emergency lighting systems and, for Newcastle Cricket Centre, supplied a variety of standalone emergency luminaires, including JSB Gemini Junior twin-lamp beam projectors, Zeta II surface-mount IP65 weatherproof luminaires and New Safe Ex exit signs.

All installation work for the project was carried out by contractor Ward Electrical of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.