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Eaton Launches Kachina Suspended Lighting to Maximise Performance of New Generation LEDs

Kachina suspended luminaire
Jun 01, 2016

Eaton has launched Kachina, the first mainstream linear suspended lighting system designed specifically to maximise the performance of the latest LED light sources. Kachina represents a significant advance upon conventional solutions, according to the power management company. The new product offers an improved lighting performance and minimises energy consumption, while its design and flexibility means it can be easily installed and tailored to virtually any application.

“Kachina is a new way of thinking for suspended lighting applications, and an industry first when it comes to the performance of new-generation LEDs,” said Andy Gallacher, product marketing manager for mains lighting products at Eaton. “Kachina is tuned for the right balance between uplighting and downlighting components to ensure well lit, balanced and inviting spaces. The system’s innovative design uses the latest LED light source technology to produce an energy efficient application, which is up to 114 Llm/cW. Until now, there has not been an LED option on the market that offers a better lighting effect from a suspended system.”

Manufactured in the UK, the linear LED suspended system’s versatility means it can be installed in a diverse range of office, retail, healthcare and education environments. Building owners and managers will not only benefit from the increased lifespan and energy efficiency of LED luminaires but also enhance the safety and comfort of the workspace, which can help to improve wellbeing and productivity.

Easy to install, Kachina can be mounted individually as a standalone or continuously as a system. Available in two variant lengths – 1200mm and 1500mm – the new product offers three lumen outputs per luminaire length, which optimises performance and flexibility for designers and end users.

One of Kachina’s standout features is that the system has been designed so that the luminaires can be centred at exactly 3,000mm to match building grid lines and to aid in the subdivision of floorplates, adding speed and precision to the installation and reducing material costs compared with conventional systems.

Integral emergency lighting options are also available for a three-hour duration. The emergency versions, with automatic test functionality, are suitable for use along defined escape routes. Lighting control and energy management options include integrated occupancy and daylight detectors.

Designed with an aluminum extrusion and steel body, Kachina is available in two colour options: RAL 9016 white finish and RAL 9006 silver finish. The suspended lighting system features a unique acrylic micro-prism and dispersal diffuser combination reducing glare where applicable. DALI dimming options are available for increased lighting control.

As an additional feature, which adds to the reduced whole-life cost of the system, is a dedicated wiring channel that allows the designer to incorporate data, control and fire cabling to minimise installation time and complexity.

For more information on the new Kachina connected suspended lighting system, visit: E-mail or call +44 (0) 1302 303200.