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Eaton - Thinking Big (Lux Magazine - April 2014)

Eaton - Lux's Power List Company 2014
Apr 07, 2014

Eaton's Cooper Lighting and Safety business is one of the giants of the UK lighting industry, with turnover of around £70 million. With a history dating back back to 1878 in the UK, the company was acquired last year by US technology giant Eaton in a massive $7.3bn deal, giving it the chance to join its products up with Eaton's other offerings, including controls.

The company recently beat off competition to win the contract to provide LED and low-energy fluorescent lights to Tesco's Buying Club, set up by Tesco for its suppliers, in partnership with the Carbon Trust and 2Degrees. This initiative gives around 700 suppliers the opportunity to invest in energy-efficient lighting.

Over in the US, the business supplied energy-saving lighting to Detroit airport - believed to be the biggest lighting project in the country - saving £700,000 a year.

Why we love them: The Tesco contract is an example of just the kind of thing the lighting business should be doing - finding new ways to help clients to use lighting to get their energy consumption down. Bravo.

Download the PDF from Lux Magazine (April 2014)