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Innovative dual-function emergency luminaire cuts total number of fittings required

Dec 30, 2005

New from Cooper Lighting and Security is the innovative JSB Waylite, a dual-function self-contained emergency luminaire that combines a powerful downlight with an evenly illuminated exit sign, both served from the same light source.

By performing the functions that would otherwise have required two luminaires - marking the emergency exit and providing illumination of the first part of the escape route – Waylite helps to minimise the total number of fittings needed and reduces overall installation costs.

The downlight optic provides an exceptionally high level of threshold light over the surrounding floor area, while the base-mounted lamp back-lights the exit legend via an ingenious ribbed mounting plate that directs light over the entire legend panel.

Supplied complete with an 8W T5 fluorescent lamp and a universal legend kit, Waylite provides a standard 3-hour duration in either maintained or non-maintained mode and can be specified with either stand-alone or Easicheck automatic testing functionality if required.

The luminaire is fully compliant with the performance requirements of the EN1838 standard, and its vandal-resistant polycarbonate construction is designed to provide long-term reliable service in a wide range of applications, including offices, hotels, pubs, shops, hospitals and schools.