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Innovative LED-based emergency luminaire complements mains lighting

Aug 10, 2006

The latest addition to the Menvier range of emergency luminaires from Cooper Lighting and Security is a compact, low-profile luminaire that utilises long-life LED technology to provide an unobtrusive, low-maintenance emergency lighting solution for a wide variety of applications.

Unlike traditional fluorescent emergency luminaires, the new Briteway product is optically engineered to provide maximum performance when mounted axially, thus complementing typical mains lighting layouts.

Briteway uses dual high-intensity LEDs and purpose-designed optical lenses to achieve accurate directional control of the light and a distribution that is optimised for 1 lux illumination of defined escape routes.

The use of LED technology means that the luminaire’s light level setting in mains-healthy mode can be altered at any time to suit the specific application. This is achieved by means of a discreet multifunction switch, which also serves to initiate an automatically timed 10-second functional test.

Providing a standard 3-hour duration, Briteway is available in maintained or non-maintained versions and can be specified with either self-test or Easicheck automatic testing functionality if required. The range also includes a slave version for use with static inverter units.

Designed for ease of installation, this innovative ceiling mounted luminaire features a plug-in mains connection and a first-fix baseplate with a  self-locking clip on the main body. The luminaire is made from fire-retardant ABS with an optical-grade acrylic lens and has overall dimensions of just 198 x 107 x 36mm.

With the low energy consumption and exceptionally long operating life of LED technology (60,000 hours plus), Briteway is ideal for nightlighting or background illumination in, for example, hospitals, nursing homes, student accommodation, sheltered housing, offices, hotels and entertainment venues.