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New LED-based exit sign offers long life with minimal maintenance

May 11, 2006

Cooper Lighting and Security has expanded its Menvier range of LED-based emergency luminaires with the addition of Brite Edge, an unobtrusive recessed exit sign that uses the latest LED technology to provide an ultra-low-maintenance and highly reliable means of indicating emergency escape routes.

Fully compliant with the demanding performance requirements of EN1838, the new exit sign uses dual high-intensity white LEDs to achieve excellent, uniform illumination of the legend and a typical working life of 50,000 hours – up to ten times longer than conventional 8W fluorescent lamps.

Brite Edge is a self-contained, maintained unit with a 3-hour duration and can be specified with an optional built-in
self-test facility, which uses light-measuring technology to verify the actual light output of the individual LEDs during testing. In addition, the range includes a slave version for use with static inverters. All versions are available with either silver or white trim plates and a choice of legends.

Brite Edge is simple to install into either solid or suspended ceilings due to the innovative retractable side support arms, which rotate into position as the fixing screws are tightened.

With a viewing distance of up to 30m, the new exit sign is suitable for use in a wide variety of locations, including offices, hospitals, hotels, pubs, restaurants and shops.