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New recessed exit sign offers versatility at low cost

Nov 08, 2006

The new JSB Briteblade recessed exit sign from Cooper Lighting and Security provides an attractive, versatile and cost-effective method of indicating emergency escape routes.

Utilising an 8W T5 fluorescent light source, the exit sign is fully compliant with the requirements of the EN1838 standard and is suitable for single- or double-sided use.

Briteblade features a metal body construction and is available with white or silver trim plates and a choice of pictograms. It is quick and easy to install into either solid or suspended ceilings due to its innovative retractable side support arms, which rotate into position as the fixing screws are tightened.

The Briteblade range includes a self-contained, maintained unit, available with or without self-test facilities, and five slave versions compatible with various central-battery and static-inverter systems.

With a viewing distance of up to 24m, the new exit sign is suitable for use in a wide variety of locations including shops, offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools and universities.