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New uplighter provides excellent illumination of ceilings and walls

Jul 08, 2005

Designed to aid compliance with the recently introduced LG7 lighting guide, the new Crompton Reef range of wall-mounting uplighters from Cooper Lighting and Security provide excellent illumination of ceilings and walls to enhance the visual environment in a wide variety of applications.

Reef is an ideal complement to the modular recessed lighting commonly installed in modern offices and can also be used to provide general ambient lighting in, for example, reception areas, boardrooms and circulation areas. The range includes a compact-body version, which is especially suitable for column mounting.

Featuring a shallow and stylish curved body with a softly diffusing asymmetric reflector, the Reef uplighter is finished in either white or metallic silver and is available with optional slots or perforations for spill downlighting.

The new luminaire has a depth of only 93mm and a width of 224mm and comes in lengths ranging from 260 to 590mm depending on the type of high-efficiency lamp specified.

As well as 14W or 24W T5 fluorescent lamps, Reef can be supplied with 18W or 26W TC-D compact fluorescents or 18W, 24W, 36W, 40W or 55W TC-L compact fluorescents. The luminaire is equipped with high-frequency control gear as standard.