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New wall-mounting architectural luminaire provides soft lighting effect

Sep 20, 2006

Cooper Lighting and Security has expanded its Crompton Lighting range of products with a stylish new wall-mounting luminaire that uses indirect illumination and a perforated panel to provide a soft, uniform lighting effect.

Known as Waveform Wall, this contemporary architectural luminaire has been designed to complement the Crompton Waveform T5 family of ceiling-mount fluorescent luminaires and features the same sturdy construction, utilising powder-coated sheet steel for both the body and the curved perforated panel.

Equipped with a 55W TC-L compact fluorescent lamp and high-frequency control gear, Waveform Wall not only offers energy efficiency and long life, but also provides an ideal emergency lighting solution for stairwells and corridors where other lamp technologies struggle to meet today’s stringent emergency lighting requirements.

The luminaire has overall dimensions of 605 x 210 x 105mm and uses a simple plug-and-socket connection, which makes installation and maintenance extremely easy. In addition, the emergency version can be specified with automatic self-test functionality if required.