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Stylish new exit sign uses LED technology for longer life

Oct 17, 2005

Cooper Lighting and Security has expanded its JSB range of emergency luminaires with the addition of a new LED-based edge-lit exit sign that combines a stylish architectural design with the practical benefits of long life, easy installation and minimal maintenance.

Known as Lucci, the luminaire uses a row of 12 high-intensity white LEDs to illuminate the legend panel, providing a life of around 35,000 hours – over five times longer than traditional 8W fluorescent lamps.

The new exit sign is fully compliant with the performance requirements of the EN1838 standard and offers brightness and contrast levels far in excess of competitive products.

Designed for ease of installation and maintenance, Lucci features a first-fix base incorporating plug-and-socket connections and is fitted with an automatic self-test facility as standard.

A curved moulded profile gives the luminaire a distinctively sleek appearance, and this can be further enhanced by the use of an optional semi-recessing bezel. Lucci is particularly suitable for use in offices, boardrooms, reception areas, hotels and restaurants.