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Northern General Hospital

Northern General Hospital


The hospital’s Huntsman Building, Brearley Wing and Firth Wing were being given their first major refurbishment since they were constructed in the 1980s. As part of this process, the original batten fluorescent lighting was being replaced as it had reached the end of its life.

The Needs

The new ward lighting scheme had to combine efficiency with a contemporary aesthetic appeal, while also providing an integral night life facility. In addition, to minimise disruption, the fittings would have to be quick and easy to install and how low ongoing maintenance requirements.

The Solution

Cooper Lighting’s Varsity Hospital surface luminaire was chosen for the main ward lighting. Specifically designed for hospital applications, the luminaire features sleek, contemporary styling with a flush-fitting curved diffuser that virtually eliminates dust traps, making it easy to keep clean. The luminaire is equipped with energy-efficient high-frequency control gear as standard and uses a removable gear tray with plug-and-socket connections for rapid installation and maintenance.

While the fittings supplied to Northern General Hospital included 1x58W T8 or 2x58W lamps, the luminaire can also be specified with single or twin 36W or 70W T8 lamps or 28W, 35W or 49W T5 lamps. At Northern General, half of the luminaires were integral emergency versions.

In addition to the Varsity Hospital luminaire, the lighting scheme also used a number of other Cooper Lighting products, including Combiform Plus recessed modular luminaires, single and twin versions of the Tufflite IP65 sealed luminaire, Solstar fluorescent downlights with polycarbonate IP54 attachments for the showers and wet rooms, and Menvier New Safe Ex emergency exit signs.

The Result

According to Laurence Fowles, the hospital’s senior project design engineer, the Varsity Hospital luminaire met all of the requirements for ward lighting: “As well as being stylish and efficient, it requires minimal maintenance and offers the option of an integral night light. It is also easy to install, which was reflected in the overall cost of the scheme.”

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