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O'Kane Food Services

O'Kane Food Services


O’Kane Foodservice is the Brakes Group foodservice specialist for Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. According to Brakes Group marketing director, James Armitage, the company is “passionate about its carbon credentials” and is taking action in any area possible to significantly reduce its carbon output by 2015. As part of this process, the company identified that energy savings could be made by replacing the lighting in its cold stores.

The Needs

The existing cold-store lighting at O’Kane’s depot in Lisburn consisted of traditional 400W metal-halide high-intensity discharge (HID) luminaires, which Brakes Group wanted to replace with the latest generation of high-output, low-energy LED lighting. The company was looking for a supplier that could not only provide the right lighting solution but also had the capability to manage a major roll-out programme.

The Solution

Cooper Lighting’s new LED High-Bay luminaires were duly installed throughout the Lisburn cold store. Capable of operating at temperatures as low as -30°C, these fittings deliver instant white light with no restrike or run-up delay, and they offer a long service life free from the need for lamp changes, thereby providing a significant reduction in maintenance costs.

With a power consumption of just 142W, the LED luminaires immediately produced an energy saving of 65% compared with the old discharge lighting at O’Kane’s. In addition, they generate much less heat than the 400W HID fittings, so the load on the refrigeration equipment is reduced, which further increases energy savings.

The Result

The installation at O’Kane Foodservice was so successful in terms of energy savings that the Cooper LED High-Bay lighting is now being rolled out across Brakes cold store depos in England, Wales and Scotland.

Commenting on the lighting, Ian Hunt, engineering manager at Brakes Group, concluded: “Cooper was the only supplier who could offer Brakes a complete package. Other companies offered reduce wattage lighting, but only Cooper could do so with the right level of illumination required for our cold stores. That, along with their constant professionalism and customer service, will allow our five year roll-out plan to run smoothly.

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