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SIG plc Headquarters

SIG plc Headquarters


Founded in 1957 as Sheffield Insulations, SIG plc has now grown into a £3 billion multinational distributor of specialist construction products. Its new headquarters building, Signet House, is located in Sheffield Business Park and provides 22,000ft of office space for SIG plc group management and departments such as human resources and finance.

The Needs

The key requirement for the lighting scheme in the new headquarters building was to maximise energy efficiency while at the same time providing a high-quality lit environment.

The Solution

To achieve this aim, over 600 of Cooper's Combiform Plus 2 x 40W recessed modular luminaires were installed in open-plan areas and individual offices. This fitting uses a curved body and perforated panels to produce a soft-lit effect that complements the direct illumination from its central louvre.

Energy-efficient lighting of the main entrance lobby was accomplished by an attractive arrangement of Cooper's Synthesis suspended fluorescent luminaires, together with several Waveform Wall surface fluorescent luminaires. The Synthesis suspended system, which features an elegantly curved, slimline profile, provides balanced lighting using a wide-distribution lens for uniform upward illumination, combined with a choice of louvres for direct downward illumination.New Safe Ex exit signs and Atlantic selfcontained emergency luminaires.

Other Cooper products used in Signet House included Coolstar low-voltage downlights, Cercla surface fluoresscent luminaires, New Safe Ex exit signs and Atlantic self-contained emergency luminaires.

The Result

Scot Gerry, UK Logistics Director for SIG plc, was more than happy with the performance of the main Combiform Plus fitting: Not only does it deliver well controlled downword lighting, but it also provides gentle illumination of ceilings and verticle surfaces, in line with the CIBSE LG7 guide. In addition, the use of highfrequency control gear and compact fluorescent lamps means that it is very good in terms of energy consumption.

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