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Typhoo and Tesco Buying Club

Typhoo and Tesco Buying Club

Tesco and Eaton's Cooper Lighting and Safety business help Typhoo cut Carbon Emissions by 900 Tonnes.

Typhoo and another three Tesco suppliers are set to save 750,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year and cut their lighting costs by up to 80 per cent, thanks to a new energy-efficient lighting Buying Club developed by Tesco and 2degrees in partnership with the Carbon Trust and Eaton’s Cooper Lighting and Safety business.

Typhoo took part in a six month pilot scheme as part of Tesco’s new collaborative Buying Club which will help suppliers invest in energy efficient lighting equipment and installations by offering expertise and competitive prices.

As part of the pilot scheme, which took place from February to September 2013, Typhoo has trialled the lighting model, replacing lighting in its 14,700 square meter (m2) factory in the Wirral, Merseyside. As the chosen provider of light emitting diode (LED) and low-energy lighting to Tesco’s buying club, Eaton’s Cooper Lighting and Safety business worked closely with the installer Briggs & Forrester Special Projects and Typhoo to understand the needs for the new lighting installation.

“The existing lighting was predominantly a metal-halide lighting solution, but this needs regular maintenance and frequent lamp replacement,” says James Cosgrove, energy solutions manager at Eaton’s Cooper Lighting and Safety business. “We recommended a much more energy-efficient, full LED solution, that consists of Litex LEDs with in-built controls in the higher bay areas and robust weather-proof Tufflite Plus LEDs.”

Typhoo specified three requirements from the lighting solution. First, it had to be environmentally-friendly with low energy usage, enabling Typhoo to meet its energy targets and reduce its carbon emissions.

Secondly, the lighting had to be easy to maintain; a fit-and-forget solution that would provide reliable, long-lasting light. And, finally, the lighting had to be bright and create a pleasant working environment for the company’s staff, helping to improve productivity.

Since trialling the energy efficient lighting system, under the Tesco Buying Club, Typhoo is proposing to replace all its lighting in a four-phase project over the next two years, enabling it to reduce its maintenance schedule, therefore saving costs associated with replacing lamps. Its staff will also be able to benefit from a better lighting environment and the tea company can reduce its carbon emissions and energy bill considerably.

The programme estimates that the lighting designs already accepted under the pilot will cut the carbon emissions at Typhoo’s single factory site by nearly 400 tonnes. Across all four participating supplier sites, which total approximately 53,000 m2, the energy reduction will be 750,000 kWh per year.

“We’re delighted to be helping the UK’s much-loved tea brand to meet its carbon targets as well as creating an aesthetically pleasing working environment and reducing maintenance,” says Cosgrove.

Based on excellent pilot results, Tesco has rolled out the programme, encouraging over 800 supplier companies from its Tesco Knowledge Hub to join in the collaborative scheme. The Buying Club will provide Knowledge Hub members with up to 25 per cent savings on capital expenditure for energy efficient lighting equipment and installations.

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