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Surface and Suspended

CA452001EN - March 2015

ACoustic SYStem

The construction of buildings is changing, many

now have exposed soffit ceilings to improve

thermal management and therefore save energy

and reduce costs.

With no suspended ceiling this presents the

problem of where to conceal services and the need

for acoustic absorption.

This is where ACoustic SYStem comes into its

own. ACoustic SYStem is a low profile suspended

luminaire system with integrated acoustic panels

and provision for additional ancillary equipment

and services. With scope for customisation, the

modular construction, clean lines and wide choice

of T5 lamps and control gear provides a versatile

system suited to a wide range of interiors.

• Acoustic panels in a choice of depths and widths

provide different levels of acoustic absorption

• 2 independent cable ways for additional services

with snap in covers available separately

• T5 ‘High Efficiency’ and ‘High Output’ lamp

options. Exceeding Part L luminaire lumen per

circuit watt requirements

• 65° 1000cd/m


louvre or microprism panel

options for the downward optic

• Upward light element via a clear reeded panel

aiding compliance with LG7 and BS EN12464-1

• Plug and play luminaire wiring reducing

installation time

• Simple keyhole and locking screw arrangement

to align and secure sections together