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Surface and Suspended

CA452001EN - March 2015

Crompack LED

The all new Crompack LED delivers a

comprehensive range of linear LED luminaires

incorporating a range of lumen outputs across

3 luminaire lengths. Options include dimmable

control gear and a range of integrated controls

options to maximise energy savings.

Available with 3 hour combined non-maintained

emergency functionality delivering excellent

spacing and uniformity.

The simple 2 part housing facilitates quick

and simple installation, a first fix plate allows

mechanical mounting and electrical connections

to be made, the optic unit then connects on a

plug and socket and snap fits to the base, with 2

retained screws adding additional integrity to the

installation ensuring tooled access only.

Optical control and performance generate high

efficacies and deliver ECA compliance.

• Excellent light transmission and LED source

obscurity from the reeded opal diffuser

• Nominal 4’, 5’ and 6’ length formats, ideal for

both new installations and retro fit applications

• The range offers luminaire lumen outputs of up

to 10300lm delivering high efficacies of up to


• High efficiency LED strip technology and driver

combinations, with purpose designed optics and

thermal management, maximise the LED and

control gear life and performance

• Long LED life and no lamps to change

significantly reduce maintenance costs,

particularly in 24/7 operations and inaccessible


• Integrated controls options providing occupancy

detection and daylight harvesting to maximise

energy saving, user comfort and control

• Integral 3hr combined non-maintained

functionality variants

• First fix base and plug and socket housing

connection for rapid installation