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Surface and Suspended

CA452001EN - March 2015

Crompack 5

If versatility, exceptional build quality and value

for money are paramount, Crompack 5 provides

the ideal solution to your lighting needs. The

wide range of attachments allows Crompack to

be used almost anywhere and ensures peace of

mind with years of reliable service. The range has

now been enhanced to include energy saving T5

lamp options. If intelligent energy management is

required, the options provide optimised control of

light levels and energy saving features. Millions of

Crompack 5 battens have been installed over the

years, testimony to the design and quality of this

ubiquitous luminaire.

• New T5 lamp versions offering greater energy


• Integral controls options provide enhanced

energy management to reduce running costs

• Wide range of control gear including integral


• Comprehensive range of attachments covers

most applications

• Available complete with triphosphor lamps

or less lamp for user choice