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Downlights & Spotlights

CA452001EN - March 2015

Solstar Attachments

Today’s modern building styles often demand

more than just a light source, they want to make a


The range of Solstar attachments allow the

basic downlight to be tailored to complement an

application décor or theme. Frosted and coloured

halo glasses provide a decorative edge, whilst

the asymmetric wall wash optics help highlight

features. Semi-recessing bezels give an attractive

alternate look with the added benefit of helping

to accommodate restricted ceiling voids. Where

a degree of environmental protection is required,

IP44 and IP54 sealed attachments in toughened

glass or polycarbonate are also available.

• Extensive range of retrofit attachments

• Halo glass in choice of finish and colour

• IP44 and IP54 sealed fascias in steel spun bezel

• Asymmetric wall wash optic to highlight features

and can aid lighting scheme design to comply

with LG7 and BS EN 12464-1

• Semi-recessing bezel: provides alternative

appearance and low void solution

• Quick and easy to install with simple knockouts

in the standard bezel