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CA452001EN - March 2015



FS3 is a flexible linear strip populated with a series

of individual surface mounted LEDs, available in

standard and high output formats. Supplied by

the metre, it is available in a wide variety of single

colours as well as the RGB colour change option.

A cut point is provided at intervals along the

strip for total versatility. The flexible foil backing

dissipates the heat from the LEDs thus improving

LED life colour stability. The foil backing is supplied

with a self adhesive surface for quick and simple


• Energy saving LED solution, utilising multiple

LEDs on a flexible backing

• Wide choice of fixed LED colour and RGB colour

change options

• Quick and simple to install using the self

adhesive backing

• Can be dimmed using the appropriate driver

• IP20 and IP65 versions available

• IP65 version suitable for covered or protected

exterior applications only

• Standard and high output LED options