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CA452001EN - March 2015



The FS4 is a revolution in flexible lighting, the

result of many years of technical LED research and

development it is now used on projects around the

world. The FS4 offers the same intense light output

and uniform brightness as neon but with one

significant benefit in that it is ‘bendable’.

It is easily shaped and cut to length, making

installation simple and quick and the all important

appearance shows no hot spot. FS4 is ideal for

signage and displays, architectural features and

edge illumination eg, stairs, ledges or ground


• Energy saving LED solution, utilising multiple

LEDs encapsulated in a flexible body

• Wide choice of fixed LED colour and RGB colour

change options

• Quick and simple to install with clips and channel

mounting accessories

• Can be dimmed using the appropriate driver

• Flexible body with fixed cut points for length


• Available in 1m increments up to 50m (fixed