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CA452001EN - March 2015


Intellem self check offers a simple and cost

effective solution to the mandatory requirements

for the regular testing of emergency luminaires.

The system requires no setting up. Converted

luminaires are simply installed, providing instant

monitoring of the emergency circuit and automatic

testing at intervals compliant with legislation.

System status is clearly indicated via the LED flash

sequence and on-board audible alarm, which can be

disabled if required by the user. Intellem self check

is particularly beneficial in refurbishment projects,

as no additional cabling is required.

• Provides simple reliable automatic testing of

emergency lighting reducing maintenance cost

• Tests fully comply with EN 50172 for peace of


• Easy to install stand alone operation minimising

cost and reducing install time

• No additional data cable

• Offset feature to stagger testing ensures

consistent emergency cover at all times

• 28 day cycle so tests occur on a consistent day

of the week

System Operation

• Provides simple intelligent self-testing of emergency lighting


• An Intellem diagnostic unit is fitted into all suitable self-

contained dedicated emergency luminaires and mains

luminaires converted for emergency operation.

• Upon initial power up, the unit self calibrates, determining

the correct values for the parameters to be checked during

monitoring and testing.

• Test intervals are determined from the moment of initial power

up, with a built-in automatic additional 12 hour initial delay to

ensure that luminaires installed during the day are tested at


• A full duration test is initiated 36 hours after initial power up

to commission the unit.

• Luminaire status is continuously monitored and information

provided via the luminaire LED and on-board audible alarm. In

the event of a fault, the on-board audible alarm operates, and

the precise nature of the fault indicated by the LED flashing

sequence (see table below).

• Audible alarm can be disabled if required.

• Testing is automatically carried out as per the Intellem testing

schedule, to meet and exceed the requirements of EN 50172.

• The first function test occurs 28 days after the initial

commissioning test, subsequent tests take place every 28

days, every 12th test is automatically scheduled for a full 3 hour


Luminaire Compatibility

Intellem self check is compatible with the majority of Eaton’s

dedicated emergency fittings or converted mains luminaires fitted

with an Eaton emergency conversion kit. The module is supplied

pre-fitted and tested, installation of self-test emergency luminaires

is the same as for a standard emergency fittings. No system

adjustment or programming is needed. Throughout this catalogue

luminaires available with Intellem self check are highlighted in the

relevant product sections.