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CA452001EN - March 2015

Micropoint 2 Recessed

Micropoint 2 is a high specification competitively

priced emergency LED luminaire. Micropoint

2 utilises the latest LED and optic technology

to provide an unobtrusive, high quality, high

performance luminaire for indoor use where

aesthetics are of prime importance. Micropoint 2

has been designed for ease of installation, reduced

power consumption and minimal maintenance,

reducing the TCO (total cost of ownership) without

compromising on aesthetics. The innovative optic

design used in Micropoint 2 has been developed

and produced by Eaton. It utilises light efficiently

from the LED to provide a uniform distribution

in either an escape route or for anti-panic

emergency lighting in open areas. This improves

the performance and reduces the electrical power

consumption. Preset light levels can be adjusted

in maintained mode to operate as a security light,

adjustable using a touch sensitive button on the

luminaire fascia.

• Versatile multi-functional use (escape and open

area anti-panic)

• IP44 ingress protection (from below ceiling) ideal

for bathrooms

• Low power consumption reducing cost of


• Plug and socket supply for ease of installation

and maintenance

• Excellent spacing reducing the quantity of

fittings required

• 60,000 hour life LED for reduced maintenance

• Self-contained, slave, self-test and addressable

testing options