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CA452001EN - March 2015


Lechenti brings together clean, contemporary

aesthetics with the latest T5 fluorescent and LED

technology to create a versatile recessed/semi-

recessed luminaire.

The optical design and materials are a key

feature, unique TPa rated microprism side panels

provide controlled distribution with excellent light

transmission and diffused lamp image. Allied

with the central louvre or panel option this optical

performance delivers high efficacy in excess

of building regulations Part L requirements and

contributes to LG7 scheme compliance.

Emergency illumination, via a discrete LED, is

optically controlled with an advanced lens providing

exceptional spacing with square distribution in

excess of 10m x 10m, thus reducing the number of

emergency fittings needed to achieve the 0.5 lux

requirement for anti panic areas.

• Outstanding optical performance achieving LOR

of up to 87.2%

• High efficacy, with variants exceeding the

requirements for Part L 2014 / Section 6 of the

Building Regulations

• High energy efficiency and optical performance

delivers ECA compliant variants and reduced

cost of ownership

• TPa fire retardant materials, important in

preventing flame propagation, required for

compliance with Part B of the Building


• Exceptional spacing from the integral LED

emergency reduces the number of emergency

luminaires required

• Fully recessed and semi-recessed formats are

available with either a central louvre or

microprism panel providing a range of aesthetics

to suit your application

• Integrated lighting controls options maximise

energy savings, user comfort and control