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CA452001EN - March 2015


For many years the Britelite has been associated

with simple installation and class leading

performance. The latest new generation Britelite

builds on this reputation and offers even better

performance, it also adds improved aesthetics

along with a choice of surface or recessed

installation. For a typical corridor application,

requiring 1 Lux illumination and with a 2.8m

mounting height, new generation Britelite can be

spaced up to 11.6m apart, this is typically more

than double the spacing of a low cost 8W bulkhead.

For some applications, the speed and simplicity

of a surface installation will be preferred, whereas

for others, a recessed installation will be required

to minimise the visual impact of the emergency

lighting on the ceiling. To satisfy both these

requirements, new Britelite is now available in

either surface or recessed versions.

• BSI kitemarked for peace of mind

• ICEL registered with verified light performance

• Surface or recessed mounting where a minimal

visual impact is required

• Class leading spacing performance up to 11.6m


• Supplied disassembled for speedy installation

• Available in self contained, AC/DC and AC mains

slave versions

• Self-contained, slave, self-test and addressable

testing options

• Supplied with lamp