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CA452001EN - March 2015


The Velos emergency exit sign family with its

class leading performance and attractive modern

styling utilises cutting edge materials and LED

light source for a functional yet stylish appearance

in a variety of indoor applications. Velos uses the

latest innovations in plastic material to provide a

superior luminance across the face of the legend

to meet EN1838 and improved visibility in low level

light situations (high level smoke). Velos utilises a

low power LED light source with 60,000 hours for

prolonged lifetime and minimal power consumption

with the advantage of minimal cost of ownership

and through-life cost. Velos incorporates an

intelligent technology that monitors the LEDs light

source, upon failure of an LED the remaining LED

light output is increased to maintain luminance on

the legend.

• Family range for flexible solutions to suit all

situations and mounting options with a common

consistent look and feel

• Low power consumption reducing cost of


• Ease of installation with minimal tools required

for reduced install time and cost

• 60,000 hour lifetime LED light source for

reduced maintenance cost

• Available with 30m and 40m viewing distances

to suit project needs

• Adjustable brightness function to 50% in

maintained operation, ideal for cinemas and


• Self-contained, slave, and addressable testing