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CA452001EN - March 2015


Briteblade is an unobtrusive recessed exit sign

utilising a choice of traditional fluorescent light

source or the latest LED technology. Installation is

simple into either solid or suspended ceilings due

to innovative rotating fixing arms that allow the

fitting to pass easily into the mounting aperture on

solid ceilings and a wishbone spring suspension

system for ease of legend retention. A choice of

white or silver trim finish makes Briteblade suitable

for use in a wide range of applications.

• BSI kitemarked for peace of mind

• ICEL registered with verified light performance

• Fully meets EN 1838 for uniformity of legend


• Metal body construction

• Long life 50,000 hour LED version

• Suitable for single or doubled-sided use

• Suitable for solid or suspended ceilings

• Self-contained, slave, and addressable testing


• Available in self-contained, AC/DC and AC mains

slave versions