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CA452001EN - March 2015

Exit SE and Exit SE LED

Traditionally styled, Exit SE is a large format exit

sign that is ideally suited to large, open plan areas,

such as shopping centres, call centres and function


Robustly constructed from steel, the luminaire

features a screw fixed frame that retains the legend

panel securely.

The exit legend is screen printed on the inner

surface of the panel providing a high degree of

resistance from cleaning abrasion or accidental

scratching. Exit SE is therefore suitable for public

spaces where such damage may occur. Good

threshold illumination is obtained via the large opal

downlight panel, offering improved indication of

escape routes during mains power failure.

• BSI kitemarked for peace of mind

• ICEL registered with verified light performance

• Large format, ideal for open plan areas

• Robust construction

• Self-contained, slave, and addressable testing


• Available in self-contained, AC/DC and AC mains

slave versions

• Long life 50,000 hour LED version available (self-

contained only)