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CA452001EN - March 2015

New Safe Ex

New Safe Ex is a popular choice for many

installations. Offering excellent value for money,

it can be quickly installed thanks to time saving

features such as BESA piercings, keyhole screw

fixings, clip out cable entry and a removable, hinged

geartray. The legend panel has been thoughtfully

designed to slide in from below, permitting

installation close to the ceiling or adjacent walls.

The light source also provides excellent threshold

lighting, thanks to a high quality fresnel lens

downlight panel. New Safe Ex is now available

with Intellem or EasiCheck self-test functionality,

offering even greater choice for this ubiquitous

exit sign.

• BSI kitemarked for peace of mind

• ICEL registered with verified light performance

• Attractive modern styling

• Easy and fast to install

• Competitive, value for money product

• Uniformly lit legend, compliant with EN 1838

• Fresnel lens downlight panel

• Self-contained, slave, and addressable testing


• Available in self-contained, AC/DC and AC mains

slave versions

• Supplied with lamp