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CA452001EN - March 2015


The latest range of Convertalite conversion kits

delivers optimum performance for a diverse choice

of fluorescent lamp types and wattages. The new

QX series of modules simplifies the selection of kit

for T8 lamps, the same module being suitable for

magnetic and high frequency circuits. Each module

now has 4 pole output switching plus an additional

relay pole to isolate the switched live in emergency

mode. Consequently, lock-out of the ballast is

prevented when it returns to mains mode. Low

profile modules and unique chamfered battery end

caps, easing integration into shallow luminaires,

are standard throughout, particularly useful in the

newest ranges of T5 lamp.

• Fully compatible with high frequency circuits

• Extensive range, covering a diverse choice of

fluorescent lamps

• Low profile design for easy integration

• Full 5 pole isolation, preventing mains ballast


• Rapid conversion service

• EasiCheck central addressable self-test options