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CA452001EN - March 2015

ACM1 - Static Inverter Conversions

Discreet emergency lighting, without purchasing

and installing additional luminaires can be achieved

by utilising suitable standard mains luminaires

operated via a static inverter system. Normally

there is a requirement for local switching under

normal mains healthy conditions. ACM1 modules

automatically override this during a mains failure,

providing failsafe illumination of the emergency

luminaires. Easy to use, the module is ultra

compact allowing easy integration into luminaires

chosen for emergency operation from a 230V

AC static inverter system. Alternatively it can be

mounted in a remote enclosure to control a load of

up to 750VA, if fed from a common switched mains

supply. Rated to switch 480V, the ACM1 delivers

reliable, high integrity performance.

• Utilise mains luminaires as emergency lighting

• Simple single or multiple luminaire control

• Controls up to 750VA

• Ultra compact profile for ease of integration or

remote mounting

• Meets switching thresholds of EN 60598-2-22

• Rated to switch 480V

• EasiCheck self-test system compatible versions