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CA452001EN - March 2015

SMCB - Central System Conversions

Central power systems utilising converted mains

luminaires offer economical emergency lighting,

with no additional luminaires to purchase and

install. Converted luminaires automatically change

over to the central supply in the event of normal

mains failure, operating one lamp at a reduced


A 230V AC/AC module is ideal for installations

with narrow distribution luminaires or smaller

applications using compact static inverter.

Traditional static inverter systems operate all

lamps at full power in an emergency luminaire.

The 230V module operates only one lamp and at a

significantly reduced output, eliminating excessive,

wasted light and dramatically reducing the rating,

size and cost of the static inverter system required.

• Monitors local unswitched mains supply

• New 230V AC/AC low BLF option for static

inverters significantly reduces the load on the


• Unobtrusive emergency lighting

• Simple single luminaire conversion

• Rapid conversion service available