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CA452001EN - March 2015

LED High-Bay

This unique luminaire presents the market with

a revelation in cold store and high bay lighting.

Purpose designed for operation in a wide ambient

temperature range, this luminaire blends cutting

edge LED technology with innovative and functional

styling. Offered with cool white LEDs, the ‘HBL’

range is a high performance alternative to traditional

HID luminaires, boasting significant through life

advantages to the customer. Optical performance

is enhanced with a choice of racking aisle or open

area lens and reflector options. The light output

can be tailored to the application through separate

switching of the LED arrays. Excellent thermal

management is achieved through the use of

liquid filled heatpipes, drawing heat rapidly from

the LEDs, these are in turn cooled via an array

of cooling fins. The range is completed with

emergency variants providing a comprehensive

LED lighting solution.

• Ideal for Cold Stores down to -30°C, though

equally suited to ambient up to +30°C

• Instant white light, no restrike or run up delay

• Long life cutting edge LED technology mean

zero lamp changes

• Energy efficient

• Compact and robust die-cast aluminium housing

• Racking aisle or open area optics maximising

spacing and uniformity

• High mounting height capability

• Integrated emergency option, a benefit over HID


• Choice of output through switching or dimming

of LED arrays