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CA452001EN - March 2015

Pacemaker 2

Pacemaker 2 is a latest generation High Bay

luminaire. It has a self cleaning aluminium reflector,

which has been designed for use with elliptical

lamps for uniform distribution and glare control.

Now also available are 2 sizes of high efficiency

refractor where a direct/indirect lighting effect is

required. The major size is suited to the discharge

lamp versions and the minor size more in keeping

with the lower mounting heights associated

with the low energy CFL models. The die cast

housing has a multi finned heat sink construction

to dissipate lampholder heat and improve lamp life

and is rated to IP65 (IP40 CFL). A toughened safety

glass attachment is required if using standard metal

halide lamps and this also seals the aluminium

reflector to IP65.

• Attractive die cast aluminium housing with chain

suspension facility which speeds installation

• Full range of SON and CFL options

• Housing pre-wired and IP65 as standard (IP40

CFL types)

• Reflector IP23 with an IP65 safety glass option

to protect against dust and moisture

• Major and minor prismatic refractor with a

conical lens option suit areas where a more

decorative feel or indirect light is also required

• Supplied less lamp