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CA452001EN - March 2015

Hazardous Area Products

Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds business is the leader

in the field of explosion protection, committed

to technological progress, developing and

manufacturing a range of products that cover all

the requirements currently placed on modern,

explosion-protected, electrical installations,

including; illumination, safeguarding, signalling,

controlling, instrumentation and distribution

of electrical energy in potentially explosive

atmospheres. For more than 100 years CEAG has

delivered innovation and safety you can trust in

harsh and hazardous environments.

We supply products and solutions that comply with

all the latest directives and standards – worldwide.

In addition to systems and components built to

ATEX Directives and European Standards, the

company also provides solutions approvals, e.g. for

Eastern European countries, Russia and Kazakhstan

(GOST), China and North America. Many customers

operate in the oil and gas business, be it operators

of offshore platforms, gas fields, refineries or

pipelines or in the chemical and pharmaceutical

business. However, explosion protection is also

vital in a variety of other areas, such as mining,

food processing, bio-ethanol plants, waste water

treatment facilities or ship-building.

The following pages cover a small section of the

CEAG portfolio and include commonly used Zone

1/21 and Zone 2/22 luminaires and associated

switch gear and electrical junction boxes to satisfy

common project requirements. Where additional

hazardous area equipment is required then the

full range and expertise of the Crouse-Hinds

business can be accessed to fulfill your project