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CA452001EN - March 2015

Combiform Ultra

Combiform Ultra brings together efficient

performance and the latest T5 fluorescent

technology to create a versatile recessed luminaire.

The optical design and materials are a key feature,

unique TPa rated microprism side panels provide

controlled distribution with excellent light

transmission and diffused lamp image. Allied with

the central louvre or feature panel option this optical

performance delivers high efficacy, most in excess

of 60 luminaire lumens per circuit watt, compliant

with building regulations Part L requirements 2014.

The 3 hour maintained emergency operation with

self test function enhances the versatility of the

range. Air handling via air bypass slots is standard

on louvre and centre panel variants providing 25l/s


• Outstanding optical performance achieving LOR

of up to 81.9%

• High efficacy, with variants exceeding the 60

L lm/cW requirements for Part L 2014 / Section 6

(Scotland) of the Building Regulations

• TPa fire retardant materials, important in

preventing flame propagation, required

for compliance with Part B of the Building


• The housing is available with a 3 segment optic

with either central louvre or microprism feature

panel, or a one piece flat optical panel providing a

range of aesthetics to suit your application

• Integrated lighting controls options maximise

energy savings, user comfort and control

• Air handling bypass slots provide 25l/s capacity

as standard on all louvre and 3 section panel