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Central Battery Systems

CA452001EN - March 2015

System Design

Central battery system based emergency lighting is

ideal for medium to large installations. For projects

where central control and testing is desirable, a

central battery system is a viable and cost effective

alternative to self-contained emergency lighting

products. The main advantages of central battery

systems over self-contained systems are:

• Testing and maintenance is much easier to

carry out

• Battery replacement is much quicker and less


• Battery life is generally 10 years or more

• Luminaires can be centrally controlled

• High light levels can easily be achieved

• The emergency lighting system can be

completely unobtrusive

Eaton manufactures a wide range of central battery

emergency lighting systems. Standard products

include AC/AC static inverter systems, with the

addition of a new compact, competitively priced

unit for smaller installations. A comprehensive

range of traditional AC/DC systems are also

available, including an economy range designed for

use in small premises. Bespoke systems to suit

the exact requirements of the specifier are also


To complement the range of central battery

systems, Eaton also offers a wide selection of

slave luminaires and conversion modules for mains

fluorescent luminaires. EasiCheck automatic self-

testing can be readily incorporated into central


System Design

(See page 414)

Loadstar AC/DC Systems

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Economy AC/DC Systems

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Loadstar Static Inverter AC/AC Systems


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Compact Static Inverter AC/AC

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Switchgear Tripping Battery Chargers


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EasiCheck 1.5 Slave Emergency Lighting

Testing System

(See page 450)

Slave Luminaire Technical Data

(See page 453)



LS-CC2715 - March 2015