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Central Battery Systems

CA452001EN - March 2015

Compact AC/AC

Many features normally only associated with larger

units are included in the standard specification of

the Compact AC/AC static inverter system. The

inverter has a rated output of 500VA/400W or

600VA/500W and benefits from 4 independently

fused outputs, battery deep discharge protection,

automatic temperature compensation and a

clear, informative system status display panel.

The unit also fully complies with the latest BS

EN 50171:2001 standard. An output voltage

of 230V AC permits any suitable, unmodified

mains luminaires to be operated at full output in

emergency mode.

• Competitive 500VA or 600VA static inverter


• Compact - ideal for smaller installations

• Fully complies with BS EN 50171:2001

• Four separately fused outputs

• Digital display to clearly indicate system status

• EasiCheck compatible version available