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Central Battery Systems

CA452001EN - March 2015

Switch Tripping Units

Eaton battery chargers for switchgear tripping

and closing have been developed from the

experience gained from many years of designing

and manufacturing sophisticated battery charging

and control equipment. Designed to provide a

continuous DC supply for operating switchgear

and protection equipment, these latest units are

supplied with a comprehensive alarm, metering and

indication package as standard. The informative and

clear display panel is fixed to the fascia of both wall

and floor standing units, with a remote alarm unit

as an option. Extremely reliable and easy to install,

these units provide a competitively priced solution.

• Proven and reliable units

• Digital display to clearly indicate system status

• Comprehensive alarm and indication package

• Choice of vented nickel cadmium or valve

regulated lead acid batteries

• Systems available to meet exact project