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Central Battery Systems

CA452001EN - March 2015

EasiCheck 1.5 Slave

EasiCheck 1.5 Slave is a purpose designed

emergency lighting testing system for central

battery slave systems, providing a simple to

operate, labour saving alternative to manual testing.

Avoiding the need for separate secure manual

test keys and the need to manually inspect fittings

during and after tests, EasiCheck 1.5 automatically

tests the emergency lighting luminaires and central

battery system at a user controlled, convenient,

non-disruptive time, then gathers the test results

and displays them in a simple to understand

manner at a central control panel. EasiCheck 1.5

has been designed to ensure quick and simple

installation, ease of operation and simple system

re-configuration. System extensions and changes

can easily be incorporated without the need for

specialist software or re-programming.

• Reduces time and cost of testing and

maintenance as required by law

• Testing in compliance with EN50172

• Easy to use touch screen panel

• 250 luminaire capacity per panel

• Stand alone or network up to 63 panels

• Event logs and test reports can be downloaded

or printed

• Selection of central monitoring software (text or