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Central Battery Systems

CA452001EN - March 2015

Slave Luminaire Technical Data

Slave luminaires for use with central emergency lighting systems

must be compatible with the central battery supply unit.

The most common types are:

• Dedicated slave luminaires, with specially designed housings

and circuits

• Converted mains luminaires, which have been modified by

the addition of an emergency circuit, normally to operate

on 110V AC/DC supplies

• Mains luminaires which are suitable to be powered by 230V AC

inverter systems

To be compatible with the power supply unit and to comply with

the luminaire product standard, whilst being installed to meet the

requirements of the BS 5266 Pt.1 code of practice, the luminaires

should meet the following requirements:

• Voltage compatibility - the luminaire operating range must be

within the central system output voltage range, minus an

additional 4% cable voltage drop

• Static inverter systems - luminaires must fully meet the

requirements of EN 60598-2-22, which ensures they are

suitable for use as emergency luminaires

Eaton’s systems and slave luminaires meet these requirements

in full.

System and Luminaire Technical Data

Cat No

110V AC/DC

230V AC/DC

Central System Output

Maintained voltage output range including cable voltage drop

89.1 - 116.6V

194.4 - 254.4V

Initial emergency output voltage range including cable voltage drop

99.0 - 110.0V

200.0 - 223.0V

End of duration output voltage range including cable voltage drop

89.0 - 99.0V

200.0 - 223.0V

Compatible Dedicated 8W Luminaires

Minimum strike volts (0°C)



Minimum run volts (0°C)



Maximum run volts (0°C)



Converted or Dedicated Luminaire Fitted with SMCB Module

Minimum strike volts (0°C)



Minimum run volts (0°C)



Maximum run volts (0°C)



Note: SMCB units use changeover relays, so the maintained function should be provided by the normal mains control gear. However, the module

will operate on either AC or DC enabling it to operate with a maintained central system in the emergency conditions.