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Lighting Controls

CA452001EN - March 2015

Intelligent Lighting System - with BUS communication

The Intelligent Lighting System (ILS) is one of the

most advanced lighting and energy management

systems available today. System intelligence

is built into every luminaire, monitoring and

reacting to occupancy, pre-selected light levels

and changes in ambient daylight levels. Absence

functionality is incorporated to maximise energy

saving and controls factor compliance with buildling


The result is a highly efficient and intelligent

system, which is easily re-configured as room

layout or usage changes, via a simple hand-

held infra-red programmer. Importantly, ILS fully

considers the human dimension. Luminaires

communicate with each other, allowing selected

fittings to switch on together offering a pleasant,

safe and correctly illuminated environment. A handy

infra-red override unit also provides local control

for individuals on a temporary basis. Whatever the

application, ILS delivers automatic energy savings

combined with outstanding flexibility.

• Energy saving - typically between 50% and 70%

• Occupancy detection, daylight linking and

constant illumination

• Absence functionality (manual on, auto off)

maximises energy saving and compliance with

building regulations and ECA control factors

• Flexible programming via a hand-held unit

• Luminaire communication for high light quality

via BUS communication loop

• User infra-red override facility for local control

• Simple to install and set up

• Easy to re-configure when office layout changes

• Groups can be created and controlled together

• Choice of standard 50mm ‘cube’ or mini head

sensor to best suit the chosen luminaire or


• Designed for use with DALI dimming control

gear (DSI or Analogue 1-10V versions to special