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Lighting Controls

CA452001EN - March 2015

Groupmaster Detectors

This range of sensors are able to control a

number of compatible luminaires and replace

the previous ‘Intellect’ Groupmaster units.

Groupmaster provides the opportunity to utilise

intelligent lighting controls where it is not possible

to use individual intelligent luminaires, perhaps

for reasons of budget constraints. Groupmaster

provides the benefits and set up features of the

ILS ‘Intelligent lighting system’, but with reduced

equipment costs. Supplied as a stand alone unit,

each Groupmaster can operate a number of

luminaires fitted with switching or digital dimming

control gear, sharing light level and on/off control

signals. Although offering less flexibility than using

individual intelligent luminaires, as special features

such as communication or background light mode

are shared, Groupmaster provides a cost effective


• Competitive energy management package

• Energy saving - typically between 50% and 70%

• Group operation of on/off and light level control

• Presence/absense detection, daylight linking and

constant illumination

• Easy to set-up minimising installation time

• Absence functionality via manual wall switch or

hand held override maximising energy efficiency

• Individual sensors or communicating versions

linked by BUS wiring loop