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Lighting Controls

CA452001EN - March 2015

Infra-Red Scene Setting

The control of lighting levels from anywhere within

a room offers great flexibility to any installation.

Conference meeting rooms particularly benefit from

one person being able to create different modes or

scenes during a presentation.

The Infra-Red Scene Setting system provides

this versatility without the need of expensive and

complicated dimming racks. The basic control

module can operate up to 25 ballasts and requires

only the addition of an infra-red receiver and hand

held controller in order to create 3 preset lighting

scenes with dim/brighten override. Up to 8 control

modules and 5 receivers can be linked, allowing

the system to be utilised in larger and more

sophisticated installations.

• 3 programmable scene levels provide one touch

access to commonly used settings

• Convenient infra-red control

• Simple to understand, install and set up

• Easily expanded to multiple zone system for

larger rooms or those with partitions

• On/off and dim/brighten manual control

• Soft on/off feature fades lamps on and off,

avoiding an instant on/off switching of the lamp